A: Warm up & Movement Prep

B: 10 min Snatch Ladder 


men start with 30 kg add 5 kg each set
women start with 20 kg add 2,5 kg each set
until failure

C: EMOM for 21 min
min 1: 5 Snatches (choose weight from B)
min 2: 15 back extensions
min 3: 25 DU´s


A: Warmup

sqaut/wallball prep.

B: In Teams of 2 (or 3):

P1: 50 wall balls (9/7kg)
P2: bar hang 

then switch (P1 is only allowed to work while P2 is hanging)

P1: 50 weighted box step overs (2 DBs (15/10kg) (50cm box)
P2: one arm KB bottom up hold (12/8kg)

then switch (P1 is only allowed to work while P2 is holding the KB)

P1: 50 wall balls (9/7kg)
P2: plank hold

then switch (P1 is only allowed to work while P2 is planking)

P1: 50 weighted box step overs (2 DBs (15/10kg) (50cm box)
P2: tuck body hold

then switch (P1 is only allowed to work while P2 is in tuck position)

(TEAMS of 3: 2 people work on the same exercise)

timecap: 35 minutes


A: Warmup

rowing skills
shoulder prep.


5 rounds for max calories of:

Row 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds
Row 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds
Row 15 seconds, rest 45 seconds

C: DB Bench press

5 sets / start every 3 minutes, with a partner

Set 1: alternating arm bench press, total of 20 reps (10 per arm)
Set 2: synchronic alternating arm bench press, total of 20 reps
Set 3: regular DB bench presses, 15-20 reps
Set 4: low incline DB bench presses, 15-20 reps
Set 5: high incline DB bench presses, 15-20 reps

use a challenging weight for every set!
for incline and high incline put plates under one side of the bench!

If more than 8 people per class we work in 2 groups for part B & C!


A: Warmup
shoulder mobility work
skill OH squat
snatch skill work

B: OH squat
5 x 5 reps from floor

start every 2 minutes

start with about 50 % 1RM and work your way up

C: 21-15-9 reps of:
OH squats
Box jumps

Rxd weight: 60/42.5 kg
Rxd height: 75/60cm

Scale weight & height as needed but keep it challenging!

timecap: 12 minutes
19:00 Competition Team

A: Warm Up

A1: Core 

B: Skill and Strength
- Bar Muscle Ups
- Ring Dips

C: WOD (with a Partner)

100 cal row
  30 Bar Muscle Ups
  40 Ring Dips
  30 Partner Wall Balls (15/10)
400 D.U.

TC: 15min


A: Warmup


B: Core work

5 rounds of: 

15 slow knee raises
15 slow tuck to hollow body holds
15 slow back extensions

start every 3 minutes

C: 4 rounds of:

50 walking lunge steps (without weight)
30 sit ups
30 pullups

timecap: 22 minutes


A: Warmup

shoulder prep.
squat prep.

B: 2 rounds of:

20 push ups
35 air squats
20 ring rows

20 pike push ups
35 goblet squats (24/20kg)
20 ring rows (harder version)

20 HSPUs
35 weighted stationary lunges, per leg, not alternating (24/20kg)
20 pull ups

timecap: 30 minutes

8 p.m. weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Hang clean + 1 Jerk

3x3 reps


Narrisch guts Workout!

A: Warm Up

B: Mobility and Skills


5 rounds with Buy in :
Buy In:
10 barbell bent over rows 40/30kg
10 barbell roll outs
10 barbell thrusters

Alternate between:
 a) kb weighted walking lunges right 5x7m
 b) kb weighted walking lunges left
 c) superset
 Push Ups
 Ring Dips
 d) superset 3x10
 crazy frog
 sea turtle
 e) superset
 3x10 KB stir the pot
 Pike Press

 TC: 30min

 Kommt verkleidet und erhaltet alle ein "Workout Drink for Free"


Sarahs Saturday

in Teams of 2. One is working 1 is preparing
Alternating 30sec on 30sec off

4 blocks, 4 times each exercise
then switch to next block

Block 1
P1: ring squat jumps. P2: rest/preparing
P2: ring squat jumps. P1: rest/preparing
P1: ring pikes. P2: rest/preparing
P2: ring pikes. P1: rest/preparing

Block 2
bear crawl
shuttle run

Block 3
physio ball shoulder presses
physio ball back extensions

Block 4
ladder hangle


A: Warmup

skill work sumo deadlift
skill work sumo deadlift high pull

B: Sumo deadlift

5x5 reps

-start every 2 minutes
-work your way up to 5 heavy but perfect reps

B: 3 rounds of:

400 meter run (switch for rowing if weather is bad)
21 sumo deadlift high pulls
12 burpees over the bar

Rxd weight: 35/25 kg

timecap: 15 minutes


A: Warmup

squat mobility work
front rack mobility work

B: Back squat & Front squat

Work with a partner from rack

Emom for 20 min alternating 5 B.S; 5 F.S

P1 min 1: 5 B.S
P2 min 2: 5 B.S
P1 min 3: 5 F.S
P2 min 4: 5 F.S
P1 min 5: 5 B.S
up to 20 min

Use the same weight for B.S & F.S
Increase weight every 5/5 BS & FS
Start with about 60% of your 1RM B.S
and work your way up.

Rest 3 minutes then:

C: 1 attempt max reps of your favourite squat with
60 % 1RM (partner is spotting)

you can take quick rests in standing position


A: Warmup

shoulder prep.


3 rounds of:

Max reps of strict pull-ups
Max reps of shoulder presses, 115 / 75 lb.
Max-calorie row in 20 seconds
Max L-sit hold for time

Start a clock and begin an attempt at each exercise every 3 minutes.

Total time is: 36 minutes

This workout is a series of max-effort tests, with most of the exercises approachable by all skill levels. Choose a pull-up variant that allows you to complete 10+ reps, or switch to a hang for time. Similarly, with the press, pick a load that allows for at least 10 reps. Tuck the knees on the L sit or switch to a plank in order to hold for at least 20 seconds in each attempt.

19:00 Competition Team / Partner Workouts

A: Warm Up / Koordination

B: Skill DB Thrusters
* Squat
* Press

C: WOD 1

Partner Fran 
A: 21 DB Thrusters (20/12)
B: 21 Pull Ups
B: 15 Thrusters (24/16)
A: 15 Pull Ups
A:   9 Thrusters (28/20)
B:   9 Pull Ups

TC: 8min

Rest 5min

D: WOD 2

For Time:
cal row or ski

split always in 10 reps until done

TC 30min


A: Warmup

shoulder prep.
skill work OH squat & hang power snatch

B: O.H. squat from rack

8-6-4-2-4-6-8 reps

-work with a partner from rack
-start with about 50% work your way up and down again
-start every 2 minutes

C: Hang power snatch

10 x 1 rep

-start every minute
-start with a snatch deadlift- up to the hips-then to your starting position
-start with about 80% of your 1RM and work your way up
-you dont need to increase weight every rep, but try to add weight  
every 2 or 3rd rep.
-If you are not comfortable performing heavy power snatches, add a few reps to each set (2-3) and drill your mechanics, but try to expose yourself to a load that is relatively heavy for you.


A: Warmup


B: Strength work 

5x5 ring rows (your hardest version, maybe ring pullups with the last sets)

alternating with

5x5 ring dips (holds, negative, narrow pushups)

alternating with 

5x5 KB/DB Thrusters (heavy & excellent)

Work with a partner
Take 15 min in total, rest as needed in between

C: skill work ring muscle ups

D: 15-12-9 reps of:

Thrusters (60/42.5kg)
Ring muscle ups

timecap: 10 minutes

8 p.m. weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Hang Snatch

3x3 reps


Partner WOD
A rows  70seconds
B chills actively
then you change 

sum up your calories and *suprise, suprise* change these calories into reps

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Back Squat
  3. Pull Ups / Australian Pull Ups / Ring Rows
  4. Thrusters
  5. Wall Balls
You do have a 5 minute timeframe to do the work (as a team)
The missed calories will produce a few burpees at the end of the workout.
Weights will be discussed during class.


The classic strength & conditioning circle

- jump variations / sprints
- "Ninja Warriors" inspired bar work
- med ball high jump / slam variation
- fence
- single arm front rack KB carry

Core Action 
inspired by THENX


A: Warmup

general & movement prep.

Hero Wod "BERT"

50 burpees
400-m run
100 push-ups
400-m run
150 walking lunges
400-m run
200 squats
400-m run
150 walking lunges
400-m run
100 push-ups
400-m run
50 burpees

Timecap: 50 minutes

Depending on weather & temperature use rowing instead of running (same distance)

Scaled version #1: 

For time:
40 burpees
400-m run
80 push-ups
400-m run
120 walking lunges
400-m run
160 squats
400-m run
120 walking lunges
400-m run
80 push-ups
400-m run
40 burpees



OPEN GYM @ 9 am


A: Warmup

movement prep.

B: 4 rounds total, 2 person per station
40 seconds on / 20 sec. off / switch

Station1: Battle rope work
Station2: Plank hold
Station3: Rope climbs
Station4: Lunge hold (one side per round)
Station5: Slam balls
Station6: chin over the bar hold
Station7: Weighted box step overs
Station8: Wall squat hold

No extra rest between rounds.

19:00 Competition Team 

A: Koordination

B: Movement Flows

C: Skill Planche

D: WOD "Adrian"

  • 7 Rounds For Time
  • 3 Forward Rolls
  • 5 Wall Climbs
  • 7 Toes-to-Bar
  • 9 Box Jumps (30/24 in)
E: Plank Challange



A: Warmup


shoulder prep.

DU skill work

B: Half kneeling one arm shoulder press with KB or DB

5 sets - 8 reps per arm

start every 2 minutes

for perfect form

B: 7 minutes amrap

20 DB or KB push presses (Rxd: 22.5/15; 24/16kg)
40 DUs

Scale weight as needed

Ask your coach for DU scaling


A: Warmup

mobility work
skills T2B

20 minutes amrap:

25 cal. Row / 22 cal. Ski
25 good mornings (20/15kg)
25 T2B (knee raises)

8 pm Weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

O.H. Squat

Snatch balance


A: Warmup

FS & WB prep

B: Front squats

10-9-8-7-6-5 reps

start every 2 min
work with a partner
start with about 60% 1RM
work your way up

C: With a partner:

Ascendind ladder in 15 minutes:

2 wallballs (9/7 kg) A
2 clapping burpees (together)
2 wallballs B
2 clapping burpees (together)
4 wbs A
4 cl. bupeees
4 wbs B
4 cl. burpees


Body Weight Saturday

Trainer´s warm-up

7 x 7
7 rounds; 1 round is:
7 hspu
7 parallet/bench shoot throughs
7 squat jumps
7 lunge jumps
7 pull up´s
7 ring rows
7 leg lifters on box

Have fun!


Open Gym Workout Vorschlag:

A: Warm Up

4min rowing (40sec slow/20 sec fast) 
banded shoulder warm up

B: Griff Kraft und Koordination

3x 1min bar hang 
movement flow with your shoes or triggerballs
rolling patterns

C: Strength

Kettlebell seated Shoulder Press (5x8 reps per side)
Kettlebell Renegate Rows (5x8 reps per side)

D: Workout

12 min AMRAP:
10 Toes through Rings
15 Goblet Squats
20 KB Swings Russion 

E: Cool Down

Active Breathing Skills (10sec einatmen/halten/ausatmen/halten repeat)

as a coach if your need help for the exercises


A: Warmup

skill work push jerk
skill work hang power snatch
pullup prep.


Tabata push jerk

Rest 3 minutes

Tabata chest-to-bar pull-up

Rest 3 minutes

Tabata push-up

Rest 3 minutes

Tabata hang power snatch

Rxd weight: 42.5/30kg


A: Warmup

TGU skills & prep.
Rope climb skills & prep

B: 3 rounds of:

2 minutes of rope climbs
2 minutes of TGUs (24/20kg)
2 minutes of box jump overs (60/50cm)
2 minutes REST

Scaled Rope climb:
-slow negative pullups

19:00 Competition Team - Skill Snatch & WOD

B: Hantelgymnastik

C: Kara Saunders - She-Bear-Complex - 10 min for load:

1 power Snatch
1 Snatch
1 Snatch Balance

D: Open Workout 17.3

Prior to 8:00, complete:
3 rounds of:
    6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    6 squat snatches, 30/42,5 kg
Then, 3 rounds of:
    7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    5 squat snatches, 42,5/61kg
*Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    4 squat snatches, 61/84kg
*Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    3 squat snatches, 70/102kg
*Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    2 squat snatches, 80/111 kg
Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    1 squat snatch 84/120 kg

*If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.

E: Cooldown


A: Warmup

HS skills (hold, walk, pushup)
squat mobilty & skills


3 minutes Handstand hold (total time)
100 air squats
50 meter HS walk (7 times from grey pole to pole)
100 air squats
30 HS pushups

Perform the handstand hold against a wall (with only the feet touching) and accumulate a total of 3 minutes before moving on to the squats.

Scaled Version #1:

2 minute hold
25 meter HS walk
15 HS pushups

Scaled Version #2:

3 minute hold with feet on box (hips high)
7 times "around the box" walk
30 pushups with feet on box (or your hardest version)


A: Warmup

skill work SUs, DUs, TUs
shoulder stability work


Single-dumbbell overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps (left+right arm)

Bench press 3-3-3-3-3 reps

5 attempts at a max set of triple-unders

With sdohs & bench presses start every 2 minutes
Start with about 60% of your max and work your way up
For triple under attempts take 5 minutes in total

If you cannot do DUs go for DU attempts

8 p.m. Weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Power Snatch

Power Clean


A: Warm Up

B: Skill

KB Deck Squat
Bottom Up Press
Dead Swing

C: Strength:

5x8 Bottom Up Presses each set with TUT 2222 start every 2min

D: Workout 100 Dead Swing + Clean to Press
  50 Renegate Rows
  30 Deck Squats (+)
400 m Farmers walk (200 per hand)
200 m waiters walk

 TC 25min

 Ask coach for weight

 E: COOL Down


A: Warmup

movement prep for part B


2 rounds of:

12 burpees
12 thrusters
12 burpees
12 power snatches
12 burpees
12 push jerks
12 burpees
12 hang squat cleans
12 burpees
12 OH squats

Rxd weight:
52,5/35 kg


A: Warmup

movement prep for the following:

B: Circle with a partner:


40 sec. on / 20 sec. off

Station 1: Battle rope (2 at same time)
Station 2: synchronic goblet squats (heavy & excellent)
Station 3: rope climb (2 at same time)
Station 4: sychronic box jumps (75/60+)
Station 5: alternating HSPUs or regular Pushups
Station 6: tappings on Blue mat (2 at same time)
Station 7: alternating australian pullups
Station 8: synchronic lunge jumps or lunges with 2DBs holding on side

1 min 20 sec. rest after full round