A: Warmup


Skill work:
KB swings
KB snatches

B: "KB Isabell"

30 KB snatches per arm (24/16kg)
(finish one arm after the other)

C: 3 Rounds of:

1 min russian KB swings (24/20kg) 
1 min DUs
1 min situps
1 min REST


8 PM Weightlifting with Max.

Warmup und Hantelgymnastik



Coach Manni is in the house
Itś going hot....

A: Warm up

„The Cronian 3-some“

3 x 9 min AMRAP with a 3min Air break between.

„The HEAVY ONE - KB 24 /16kg2
21 KB DL
15 KB Swing
9 KB S2O

„The PUNISHING ONE - DB 15/10kg2
21 DB snatch
15 DB Goblet squat
9 Burpee o.t. DB

21 WB sit ups
15 WB clean
9 WB slams 

C: Finischer

30 Push ups
3 min Plank hold
20 Push ups
2 min Plank hold
10 Push up
1 imin Plank hold


Attention: second class starts at 10:10 A: Warm Up (adapted to the weather) join warm up for jump rope work EMOM 12 min 1: 40sec Jump Rope 2: 10-15 Prisoner Tall Kneeling to Stand 3: 20 sec star side plank / side movement prep. + Mobility B: Strength & Conditioning 14-10-6-2 reps of Dual KB russion swings front rack KB reverse lunges 41X1 3min rest 4-6-8-10 reps of plate jump burpees single arm thrusters / side C: Finisher max time wall facing handstand hold


!! Wichtige Info !!

Leider enfällt heute der 5:45 Kurs sowie der 12:30 Kurs!
Entschuldigt bitte vielmals! Unser Coach ist leicht angeschlagen und mit der momentanen Corona Lage setzt er daher besser aus! Coach Chris und Sarah sind leider nicht da!

Es findet dafür ein extra Kurs um 16:00 statt!
Falls ihr aber diese Woche eure Einheiten nicht aufbrauchen könnt meldet euch und ihr könnt in einer anderen Woche extra kommen!

A: Warmup


Hamstring mobility check

Movement prep.

B: Strength part:

4 sets of:

OH squats

4-3-2-1 reps
( tempo 32X1)

-work your way up!

KB tripod rows per arm

15-12-10-8 reps (tempo 1111)

-work your way up!

-start every 3-4 mintues

C: 2-3 rounds of: (depending on time left)

45 sec. on/ 15 sec. off

-ring plank "swing"
-burpee box jump overs (60/50cm)
-double unders
-wall balls (9/7kg)

1:15 min rest after first round


A: Warmup


Hamstring mobility check

Snatch skill work

B: With light weight or empty BB

3 rounds of:

3 snatch DLs
3 hang muscle snatches
3 hang power snatches
3 hang squat snatches (or power + OH squat)

Choose a weight that allows perfect form and explosive movement!
Dependig on your skills add weight every round but goal is speed!

C: 4 rounds of:

1 Power snatch (50/35kg)
6 alternating stationary OH lunges backwards (3 per leg)
6 alt. stat. lunges with bar on neck backwards
1 pushpress from neck (to bring the bar back down to the floor)
15 hollow body rocks

30 sec. superman hold instead of hollow body rocks


4th ROUND: superman hold


A: Warmup


Hamstring mobility check

Movement prep.


6 rounds of: 

24 air squats
24 pushups
24 walking lunges
400 meter run (500 meter row/450 meter ski)

Timecap: 35 minutes

xxx 7 PM Competition Training xxx

Core Warm-up
Split Jerk prep
Split Jerk Technique focus on Footwork & Timing

7 Rounds of:
11 Back Squats 84/62 or 75-80% 1 RM
10 Jerks (5 Split/ 5 Push Jerks) 62/45kg or 75-80% 1 RM


A: Warmup

Hamstring mobility check

Movement prep.

B: Strength part

4 sets of:

Snatch grip DL

3-3-3-3 reps (31X1)

Standing BB shoulder press

8-6-4-2 reps (20X1)

Start every 3-4 minutes

C: Buy in:
500 meter row/ski (0.5 mile bike)

7 Power snatches (40/30kg)
14 ring rows (experts weight plate on chest)
7 Power snatches
14 ring rows
7 power snatches
14 ring rows



Hamstring mobility check

Movement prep.
KB snatch skills


1st and 2nd round light weight
Work your way up!

Always 5 reps

5 one arm KB DLs
5 one arm KB snatches from floor
5 one arm KB snatches from hang
5 one arm KB snatches from swing
switch ARM
1 min rest

C: 10 min amrap

3 pullups (any style)
6 pushups
9 russian KB swings (32/24kg)

Steady pace!

8 PM weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Muscle Clean
Power Clean


A) Warmup
B) 5 rounds for time
- 16 front rack double lunges
- 10 burpees
- 10 deadlifts 60/40 kgs
- 30 double unders (no single unders)
TC: 15 minutes

C)3 rounds for time
- 8 strict pull ups
- 16 hand release push ups
- 8 KB goblet squats 
- 16 KB shoulder press
- 24 russian KB swings

Choose one KB weight for all movements!
TC: 17 minutes

If you had a demanding/intense week, go for rather light weights and perfect form.


Coach Tanja in tha house!

A: Warmup

400 m run (row,ski,bike)
3rounds for quality:

10 good mornings
10 backsquats

B: Heavy Deadlifts

8 x 1 reps (Beginner scale rep range as needed)

Work your way up to your personal max!

start every 90 sec.

C: for time:

50 cal row
50 hspu (pu)
50 L sit pullups (pullups)
50 inverted burpees (situps)
50 T2B (knee raises)
50 cal row


A: Warmup

Ankle mobility check

Movement prep.

B: 3 rounds of:

8 Back squats from rack (80/60kg)
8/8 bulgarian split squats with KBs (2x24/2x16kg)
10 hollow body rocks
max. time hollow body hold (till you loose perfect form)

3 min easy row/ski/bike (not for cal. or meters)

Back squat goal: First round 8 reps unbroken,
2nd or 3rd round split in maximal 2 sets or again unbroken!
Split squats goal: 8 reps always unbroken

C: Intervall Row/Ski/Bike

8 rounds:
30 sec. on (fast)
30 sec. off (slow)


A: Warmup

Ankle mobility check


Shoulder/OH squat prep.

B: Strength part:

4 sets of:

OH squats

4-4-4-4 reps (tempo 32X1) 

work your way up.

DB rows (on bench)
8-10 reps per arm (tempo 21X1)

stay at a challenging weight

-start every 3-4 minutes

B: 10 min amrap

20 pushups
20 DUs
10 box jumps (60/50cm)
10 alt. weighted lunges jumps (16/12kg)
KB in front of chest or on one side shoulder rack

* Go for a steady pace! Split puhsups in maximal 3 sets.
DU scaling (SU with high jump)


A: Warmup

Ankle mobility check


Snatch movement skill work

B: 5 sets; start every 2-3 minutes, from rack.

5 reps snatch push press
2 reps snatch balance (beginner with dip, advanced without dip)

(choose a weigt that allows explosive movements)

C: 3 rounds of:

1 power or muscle snatch
10 stat. OH barbell lunges backwards
10 burpees over the bar
10 pullups

timecap: 10 minutes

xxx 7 PM competition training.xxx

We work on our Split Jerk!
Warm-up & Mobility
Feet set up & work

Dip & Drive
Split Stance

Squat & Press Complex without visual feedback

work up to heavy
3-3-3-3-3 Clean & Split Jerk


A: Warmup

Ankle mobility check


Hip mobilty work
Ankle mobility work

B: 5 rounds of:

200 meter row/ski/bike sprint

1 min rest

10/10 single arm DB hang power or muscle snatches (22.5/15kg)
10/10 single arm DB thrusters (22.5/15kg)

1 min rest

Timecap: 30 min


A: Warmup

Ankle mobility check

Snatch skills

B: Strength part

4 sets of:

2 snatch DLs
2 snatch high pulls
2 hang power snatches

(use a weight that allows 2 explosive hang power snatches)

12 alternating standing KB double shoulder presses (tempo 31X1)

C: 10 min amrap

12/10 cal row/ski/bike
30 meter double KB shoulder rack carry (28/20kg)
5 double KB shoulder rack front squats
12/10 cal row/ski/bike
30 meter double KB farmers carry (24/16kg)
5 double KB farmers hold squats

8 pm weightlifting with max

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

-Frontsquat & Jerk

-Push press


Coach keckis WOD

A) Warmup

B) For time:

50 Ring Dips

Row 400 meters

50 Push-ups

Row 400 meters

50 Handstand push-ups

Row 400 meters

Push-ups are honest push-ups. Handstand push-ups are "nose to floor".

TC: 35 min


Partner WOD - this workout can be done with the necessary distance to your partner.

Target = 500 KB swings (russian) + 500 walking lunges 24kg / 16kg

every 100 reps = 40 DUs (both)

One works on the target / one works on the following AMRAPs
1) row
2) AMRAP 8 wall balls push press style (let your legs rest :-)) + 8 slam balls
3) skierg
4) AMRAP 5-8 Australian pull ups / 10-12 push ups
5) assault bike or bike
6) AMRAP 5 burpees + max. handstand hold (wall or free)
change whenever you wish to
A) does 1), then B) does 1, then A) does 2), then B does 2)….
if you are not finished with the 1000 after 6), you start at 1) again


A: Warmup

OH mobility screen

OH stability work

3 rounds not for time:

-1/2 TGU (up) (slow & controlled)
-3 standing one arm shoulder presses (tempo 31X2)
-1/2 TGU (down) (slow & controlled)

switch arm

-1st round medium weight.
-2nd round heavier
-3rd round heavier (if possible)

B: KB & Box WOD

16 min amrap

-3 high box jumps (75/60cm)
-6 KB box step overs (KB rack as you like)
-9 KB goblet squats
-12 russian KB swings
-15 pike pushups (knees or feet on box)
-18 KB tripod rows (9/9 per side)

-Choose a weight that allows every movement unbroken!
-Most challenging is probably the tripod row, so go for you 
heaviest weight for 9 reps!
-Pike pushups don't have to be unbroken!

Tripod row: Stading on both feet, one arm/hand on box, 
upper body is leaning forward, about paralell to the ground.
Other arm does the rowing movement!


A: Warmup

OH mobility screen

Squat mobility work
Thruster prep.
Snatch skills


5 rounds:

11 one arm DB power snatches (total) (22.5/15kg)
12 one arm DB thrusters (total) (same weight)
11 weighted pullups (same weight)

-Alternate arm on each snatch and thruster

-Choose a weight that allows snatches and thrustes unbroken!
-Split up weighted pullups as needed (for example: 4-4-3 reps)
-DB hooked between tigh or feet

Scaling for weighted pullups:
-negative weigted pullups
-regular pullups
-banded pullups
But still use a challenging version that does not allow all reps unbroken!

timecap: 20 minutes


A: Warmup

OH mobility screen

Skill work OH squat
Shoulder prep.

B: Strength part

OH squat from rack

6-6-6-6 reps
tempo 32X1
-work your way up

Strict chinups
6-8 reps
tempo 20X2

-start every 4 minutes

C: 15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

-Dual KB rack squat (20/16kg)
-One arm KB OH walking lunges per leg

* + 1 wallclimb after every round

7pm competition training


A: Warmup

OH mobility screen

Skill work snatch (squat, power, muscle -depending on your level)

If necessary we split in 2 groups (coach decides)

-"technique group" 

take 15 min to work on your technique

-"weight group"

take 15 min to work your way up to 1 heavy & excellent rep

B: 9-7-5 reps of:

-Squat snatches (scale movement as needed) (50/35kg)
-Strict ring dips (sclaed as needed)

-Choose a heavy weight, that allows good form!
-Go for singles if necessary

-If you scale the ring dips go for a challenging scaling option


A: Warmup

OH mobility screen

Snatch prep.

B: "Hang power snatch Isabell"

30 reps hang power snatches

Choose a weight that allows around 5 reps unbroken!

C: 10 min amrap

5 DB snatches per arm (22.5/15kg)
8 T2B
36 DUs

Go for a steady pace!

8 PM weightlifting with Max

Warmup und Hantelgymnastik



Coach Sarahs Börsdei WOD

In Teams of 2
20 Bar MUs (alternate as you like)
40 Synchro DB OH Lunge Steps
60 Wall Ball Shots over Pull up bar
80 cal Assault Bike

inbetween do 3x2 Length (30m) of Prowler Push and Sled Pull with Partner as weight

TC 21 min

Have fun


Some classic Crossfit Stuff with a fancy warm up :) 

A: Warm Up

animal warm-up progression

B: Barbell Work and Movement Prep

work your way up to your workout weight and practice your skill

C: Workout  (TC 25min)

80 - 60 - 40 - 20 - 10  Double Unders 
10 -   8 -   6 -   4 -   2  Barbell Complex (Snatch Deadlift & Hang Snatch & Overhead Squat)
10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18  Toes 2 Bar

choose a weight where you can go unbroken at the Barbell Complex 

Each break or bar drop is immediate 5 burpees 


New Month - New Skill!

-Snatch & variatons (Barbell, Dumbbel, Kettlebell)

A: Warmup

Movement prep.

B: Strength part

4 sets of:

Snatch grip Deadlifts

6-6-6-6 reps (tempo 31X1)
first 2 sets same weight, second 2 sets heavier if still possible!

BB shoulder press from rack

10-8-6-4 reps (tempo 21X1)
work your way up

Start every 4 minutes

C: 10 min amrap

1 power snatch
1 hang power snatch
1 OH squat
10 slamballs
30 sec. superman hold

Goal: Heavy & excellent snatches & OH squat.
Slamball: 15/12 kg
Keep a stead pace over the 10 minutes!


New Month - New Skill!

-Snatch & variatons (Barbell, Dumbbel, Kettlebell)

A: Warmup

Movement prep.

B: 3 rounds for quatlity! (with one KB)

10 alternating KB snatches from floor
5/5 KB snatches from swing
10 alternating KB "goblet hold" lunges backwards

Choose a weight that allows great technique but still challenging!

C: Work with two KBs

15 min amrap

14 hanging bulgarian split squats (per leg)

1 length mixed rack (shoulder/hanging) walking lunges 
1 length  other side

10 alternating KB mixed rack snatches (one arm clean/one arm snatch)

Last exercise is a new technique, don't go to heavy!
You can use 2 different KBs if necessary!
No weight prescription today! Choose a weight that is challenging
but allows great technique!


Win a Shirt Wednesday!

If you join the evening classes (5 & 6 pm) you can win a T-shirt!

Last Day from the rowing/skiing/biking month!

A: Warmup

Rowing prep.
Benchpress prep.

B: "Demetrius"


Bench presses (Rxd: 70/47.5kg)
Cal. row( ski/bike)

Goal: If you can't go RXD use around 70% of you BP 1RM.
So you need to split first set ~3-4 times; second set ~2-3 times
third set ~ 2 times ~fourth set ~1-2 times, last set no split.

C: Finisher: 

5 min amrap

5 burpees
10 DUs
6 burpees
11 DUs
7 burpees 
12 DUs
8 burpees
13 DUs
.... add one rep every round!

Steady pace! 
Scaling for DUs (high jump SUs)

xxx 7 PM Competition Training xxx

Individual warm-up & technique refinement – Video analysis
3-3-2-2-1-1 Clean & Push Jerk try to add 2% to weights from last Wednesday

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible
0-3 2 rounds of 6 Squat Cleans (61/42,5) 6 Chest to bar Pull ups  
3:01-6 2 rounds of 7 Squat Cleans 9 Chest to bar Pull ups  
6:01-9 2 rounds of 8 Squat Cleans 12 Chest to bar Pull ups  

Add 1 Squat Clean and 3 Pull ups every 3 min


A: Warmup

OH squat prep.

B: Strength part

4 sets of:

OH squats 

8-8-8-8 reps (tempo 32X1)

work your way up to heavy 8 reps (close to failure)

Strict pullups

6-8 reps (tempo 20X2)

scaling: banded or negative

-start every 4 minutes

C: 12 min amrap

7 toes to bar
7 KB pushups (hands on KBs)
14 m KB filly carry (one shoulder rack; one OH) (24/16kg)
10 cal bike or ski

Goal: Steady pace! Don't go to fast on the bike/ski, you should continue with T2B right after it.


A: Warmup


Movement prep.
Rowing prep.

B: Short distance rowing/skiing

100 meter row /ski for time

1 min rest

200 meter row/ski for time

2 min rest

300 meter row/ski for time

Goal: AFAP (asfastaspossible); short strokes

C: 4 Rounds of:

5 ring dips
10 pushups
15 box jumps (60/50cm)
20 KB clean & PP (clean from swing) (24/16kg)
(10/10 per arm)

Goal: Steady pace over the 4 rounds!

Scaling ring dips: Negative, banded, ring pushups, standing ring pushups

TC: 16 min

8PM weightlifting with Max