A: Warmup

-general warmup

10 min amrap
-lacrosse ball throw & burpees  (Coach will explain details:)

B: 8 alternating rounds of:

2 min on/ 1 min off

Odd round:
-15 russian KB swings (24/20kg)
-10 goblet squats /24/20kg)
-amrap burpees

Even round:
12 push ups
7 pullups (scaled ring rows)
amrap situps


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup (with row/ski)
-Squat/wallball prep.
-box jump prep.

B: "Kelly" (on rower or ski)

5 rounds of:

-400 meter row/ski
-30 box jumps 60/50cm
-30 wall balls (9/7kg)

timecap: 35 minutes

Scaled version:


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-deadlift prep.
-push press skills

A1: Deadlift

10-8-6-4-2 reps of Deadlift

Start with about 50 % of your 1RM
then: 60/70/80/90 % of your 1RM
-start every 2 minutes
-work with a partner if you use similar weight

B: Work with a partner; 1 is judging one is working

5 min amrap

-3 deadlifts
-7 push presses

RXD Deadlift: 125/85kg
RXD Pushpress: 52,5/35kg

If not RXD use 70% of your 1RM!

While judgeing: Rounded back in the deadlift counts as a "no rep"!

Each Set should be unbroken! Otherwise scale weight!


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-core work

A1: Stationary O.H. lunges with BB (backwards)

10-10-10-10-10 reps (40/25kg)

start every 2 minutes

B: 12 minute amrap

20 situps; legs hooked with KB or DB (24/22,5kg;16/15kg)
10 left arm OH walking lunges (24/22,5kg;16/15kg)
10 right arm OH walking lunges (24/22,5kg;16/15kg)

19:00 Class - Competition Team

A: Warm Up
B: Strenght
C: WOD Open 15.4
D: Partner Finisher

see competition team workout 14.02.2018 for more details.


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup (including jump rope)
-skill work ring muscle up
-movement prep.

B: 20 min amrap

Starting round:

-1 ring muscle up
-2 burpees over the KB
-3 goblet squats (28/20kg)
-4 russian KB swings (28/20kg)
-20 doulbe unders

Add 1,2,3,4 or 5 reps every round!

Round 2:

-2 ring muscle ups
-4 burpees over the KB
-6 goblet squats
-8 russian KB swings
-25 double unders

Round 3:


...and so on...

Scaled version:

Muscle up: 1 Pullup + 1 pushup
Scale KB weight as needed


A: Trainers warmup


-shoulder mobility check
-shoulder mobility work
-shoulder prep.
-movement skill work

B: Shoulder press

1-1-1-1-1 reps

Push press

1-1-1-1-1 reps

Push jerk

1-1-1-1-1 reps

-Work your way up with every exercise
-Start with about 80% of your 1RM
-Start every 90 seconds
-Work with a partner from rack

8 p.m. Weightlifting

Today with Coach Pechi

A: Hantelgymnastik + Warmup

B: Hang snatch

3x3 reps


A: Warm up

B: Skill squat clean

C: Hero WOD „Klepto“ TC (25min)
4 Rounds

27 Box Jumps (60/50cm)
20 Burpees
11 Squt Cleans (65/45kg)

D: Partner Finisher:
150/100 Push ups:

#1: A: is doing push ups / B: push up hold
#2: Every Time is touching the ground do 5 clapping burpees


Strength & Conditioning Circle

  • loaded single arm KB box step ups
  • bar plyo moves / vertical bar hangle / bar hang
  • KB frontrack walks
  • fence
3 rounds for time
10 single arm KB thrusters (5 / hand)
15 KB swings
20 goblet squats
200m run


A: Trainers warmup


- general warmup
- skill work clean & jerk
- skill work rope climb

B: 5 rounds of / 2min on / 1 min off

-1 rope climb
-10/7 cal. ski or Bike
-max. reps clean & jerks (60/42,5kg)

the 5th round will be full 3 minutes!

Scaled options:

Rope climb: 3 jumping pullups with a 3 sec. negative phase
Clean & jerk: scale weight as needed, go for perfect form!


A: Trainers warmup

-general warmup
-squat mobilty work
-back squat prep.
-burpee skills

B: 20 minutes amrap

- 25 Burpees ("new" burpee standard)
- 15 Back squats @ Bodyweight

Scaled version #1:

20 minutes amrap

-25 Burpees ("new" burpee standard)
-15 Back squats @ 3/4 Bodyweight

Scaled verison #2:

20 minutes amrap

-20 Burpees
-15 Back squats with empty barbell


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup with rowing technique
-core work trainers choice
-skill work knees to elbows

A1: EMOM for 5 minutes

-10 O.H. walking lunges with plate for perfect form!

30 overhead walking lunges
30 knees-to-elbows
30 sit-ups
30-cal. row
30 sit-ups
30 knees-to-elbows
30 overhead walking lunges

O.H.W.L. weight:
Rxd: 20/15kg
Scaled: 15/10kg
OR scaled as needed.

Timecap: 15 minutes

Competition Class 7 p.m.

4 Week Focus on Core & Shouder

A: Warm up: (Stephan`s BEST)

B: Strength: Core & Shoulder
3 Rounds TABATA 40 on / 20 off

- banded press out plank 
- banded side steps
- dumbell Hold crossover walk 
- dumbell OH Hold Crossover walk
- rotation barbell plank
- tilting barbell plank
- wall plank jacks  

C: Thruster

D: Open 13.5
AMRAP 4 min

-15 Thruster (45/30kg)
-15 C2B  

If you can complete 3 rounds, time extends from 4 to 8 min
If you can complete 3 rounds, time extends from 8 to 12 min 

D: Partner Finisher 
150/100 Push up

A:  Is doing Push up
B: Is doing Push up hold (Upper Position)

Rule 1: After doing push up go directly into pushup hold
Rule 2: Everytime, knees touch the ground do a 5 Burpee penalty 


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-deadlift prep
-shoulder prep

B: 7 rounds of:

14 deadlifts with barbell
14 DB/KB one arm shoulder presses (7 left arm + 7 right arm)

timecap: 20 minutes

Rxd: Barbell: 50/35kg
KB/DB: 24;22,5/ 16;15kg

Rxd: Barbell: 40/25kg
KB/DB: 16;15/ 12;10kg


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-Bulgarian split squat prep.
without bar / with bar / with extra weight

A1: Bulgarian split squats

4 sets of 5/5 reps
work with a partner
start every 3 minutes
start with light weight and work your way up if technique allows

B: 3 rounds; 4 min on / 1 min off

min1: Ski or bike
min2: O.H. walking lunges with plate (20/15kg)
min3: Burpee strict pullups
min4: Handstand hold
min5: rest

-scale O.H. lunge weight as needed
-Burpee strict pullups: Burpee jumping pullups
-HS hold: start with wall climb OR Feet on Box

8 p.m. weightlifting

A: warmup + Hantelgymnastik

B: Power snatch

C: Power clean

D: Zug breit / Zug schmal - technik


A: Warm Up with the Ladder

B: Movement Prep.

DB/KB Clean


5 rounds of:

20 DB power cleans (22,5/15kg)
  5 shuttle Runs
20 sit ups
10 burpees box jump overs (new standard 60/50cm)

TC 20min

D: Core Work

Finish it:
20 reps of each movement
* crunches
* back extension
* leg raises
* hip raises
* sprint jumps left
* sprint jumps right
* V-Ups

+ 4 "käfer2 as cash out


A: General warmup

-movement prep.

B: Partner WOD / Teams of 2
30 sec. on / 15 sec. rest/switch

P1 is doing the work / P2 is correcting then switch

Block 1:
-D.L. with KB
-O.H. press with KB in lunge pos.

Block 2:
-Bulgarian split squat with KB
-Paloff press, kneeling
-Ring pullups

Block 3: 
-Walking lunges with DB's
-Nordic hamstring curl
-Push ups

As a Team you do every Block 2 times, then switch to the next Block.
1 min rest before switching to the next Block


A: Trainers warmup


- general warmup
- hip mobility work
- back squat prep.

A1: Back box squats

3-3-3-3 reps back box squats 

work with a partner
work with about 50 % of your 1RM for every set
try to hit your deepest positon (on box or plate stack)
TEMPO 22X2 (keep muscle activation while sitting on the box/plates)
Start every 90 seconds

A2: Back squats

3-3-3-3-3 reps

work with a partner
Start with about 70% of your 1 RM and work your way up
~ 70/80/85/90/90 % of your 1RM
Start every 2 minutes

B: Cashout:

4 min amrap BURPEES


A: Trainers warmup


- front rack mobilty work (shoulder)
- front squat mobility work (ankle, hip)
- thruster prep.
- wall ball prep.

B: 4 rounds; start every 4:30 minutes

-10 Thrusters (50/35kg)
-20 Wall balls (9/7kg)
-30 alternating KB/DB rows (16/12kg)

rest til 4:30 minutes

Scale weight as needed!
Resting time should be at least 30 seconds!


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-rowing/skiing prep.
-core exercises trainers choice


500 meter row / 400 meter ski
2 rounds one arm KB carry hanging on your right arm (28/20kg)
50 sit ups
500 meter row / 400 meter ski
2 rounds one arm KB carry hanging on your left arm
50 back extensions
500 meter row / 400 meter ski
2 rounds one arm KB carry in front rack position right arm
50 hollow body rocks
500 meter row / 400 meter ski
2 rounds one arm KB carry in front rack position left arm
50 superman rocks

timecap: 25 minutes

Competition Class 7.p.m. A: warm up B: 4x max reps until failure OHS (80% of 1 RM) the change immediately to Back Squat until failure Work with a Partner and start every 3min C: Open WOD 14.2 AMRAP 3 min: 10 OHS 42,5 kg / 30 kg 10 C2B If 2 rounds are completed in 3min, perform an additional 2 rounds in the next 3 min with increase the reps +2 fallow the same pattern until to fail to complete both rounds within 3 min D: Partner Finisher 500 DU´s for time Partner A is doing Double under Partner B is doing "bar hang - knee tuck hold" Switch everytime, if one struggle with the movement.


Christof's Birthday WOD

-general warmup
-skill work T.G.U.
-jumping & sprint prep.

B: EMOM for 20 minutes

min1: 1 T.G.U. left arm + 10 high jumps over the KB (explosive jumps)
min2: 1 T.G.U. right arm + 10 high jumps over the KB (explosive jumps)
min3: 10 shuttle sprints (5 meter) ; put a medball @ start and end, touch medball.
min4: rest
Then start over again!

-always rest the remainder of the minute.

T.G.U. weight: heavy with excellent form


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-deadlift mobility check
-deadlift prep.
-deficit deadlift check

B: deficit deadlift

3-3-3-3-3 reps

work with a partner
start every 2:30 minutes
start with about 50% 1RM and work your way up
use a rubber mat or plate to stand on

!Use a regular deadlift if you don't have the mobility for the deficit deadlift!

C: Cashout

Alternating tabata round with:
-lunge jumps
-squat jumps

8.p.m weightlifting

Warmup + Hantelgymnastik

-Overhead Squat
- Snatch Balance
-Frontsquat / Back Squat - Technik


A: Warm UP 

incl. snatch skills

B: 5 rounds like ASAP in 3min
   15 cal row/ski/bike
   15 Box Jumps (60/50cm)
   snatch(50/45kg) max reps until 3min
   Rest 1min between rounds
C: Tabata (15/30) 
     Pull Ups with tempo (5/5/5/0)

D: Tabata (30/10) 


Warm Up + Mobility

Partner WOD AMRAP 30 minutes

suitcase carry 200m 16 / 24 (change hands as often as you like)
row / ski erg / assault bike --> calories
change and memory your calories
then: as partners do 
calories * 0,5 * shoulder to overhead 50 / 35
calories * deadlifts 50 / 35
calories * 0,5 * pull ups / ring rows
6 wall climber
2 rope climbs


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-O.H. mobility work
-skill work DB snatch (KB snatch)
-skill work DB/KB O.H.squat
-burpee efficiency skills


DB/KB O.H. walking lunges + DB/KB O.H. squats (with 1 DB/KB)
(choose a challenging weight that allows perfect form)

3 rounds of:

Start with 1 DB/KB snatch
1 length DB/KB O.H. lunges (7meter)
5 DB/KB O.H. squats (for perfect form)
1 length DB/KB O.H. lunges
5 DB/KB O.H. squats
rest for 30 seconds!

B: CrossFit OPEN WOD 18.Zero (2nd time)

21-15-9 reps  of:

-Dumbbell snatches
-Burpees, jumping over the dumbbell

Rxd weight: Men 22,5 kg; Women: 15 kg
Scaled weight: Men 15 kg; Women: 10 kg

Scaled version: Stepping over dumbbell allowed.


A: Trainers warmup

-general warmup
-skill work power clean + push press

A1: 3-3-3-3-3 reps of:

-Power clean + Push press
1st rep from floor; 2nd and 3rd rep from hang

Start every 2 minutes.
Start with light weight and work yoru way up.

B: 21-15-9 reps of:

- Push presses (Rxd: 60/42,5)
- Power cleans (Rxd: 60/42,5)

timecap: 12 min

Scale weight as needed!
Use about 60 % of your 1RM power clean weight! (If not Rxd)
Same weight for push press if possible!


A: Trainers warmup

-general warmup
-movement prep.
-equipment arrangement

B: "Intervall your way up"
1 min rest after every round

Round1 - 8 times 30 sec. on / 15 sec. off

-Box jumps (60/50cm)
-Air squats
-Stationary lunges
-Back extensions
-Sit ups
-Ring rows

Add 2 exercise every round:

Round2 - 10 times 20/10 seconds

+ wall balls (9/7kg)
+ slam balls (9/7kg)

Round3 - 12 times

+ H.S. hold
+ wall climber

Round4 - 14 times

+ doulbe unders (scaled double clap jumps)
+ lunge jumps

Start in 2 groups:

Group 1 starts with Box jumps, Burpees, Air squats;....
Group 2 starts with Pushups, Back extension, Sit ups, Ring rows + new exercises-
then after the new exercises: Box jumps, Burpees and so on..

Competition Class 7 p.m

A: Warm up

B: Paused Front Squat
5 x 10 with 60% - 70% 1RM
Sheme: 3110

C: Weighted Overhead walking Lunge
5 x 7m start with empty Barbell and work your way up

D: Open 12.3 
AMRAP 18 min
- 15 Box Jumps
- 12 Push Press
- 9 T2B

E: Finisher
TABATA 20/10
Push ups
(Do 1 Push up in 20 sec. / 10sec down -10 sec up)


A: Trainers warmup

- general warmup
- skill work KB swing (american style)
- pullup prep.

CrossFit Girls WOD "EVA" (adapted for wintertime)

10 rounds of:

400 meter row or ski (0,4 miles bike)
15 american KB swings (32/24kg)
15 pullups (any style)

timecap: 40 minutes

Scaled versions:
#1: 8 rounds (KB weight 24/20kg)
#2: 8 rounds (KB weight 20/16kg) + jumping pullups
#3: 8 rounds (KB scaled as needed) + ring rows

Scale from american swing to russian swing if you do not have a proper O.H. position!


A: Trainers warmup:


-general warmup (including row/ski)
-skill work ring muscle up
 -ring work: holds; dips; transition, negative m.u's,...
-thruster prep.

10 ring muscle ups (or your scaled version)
25 thrusters (35/25kg)
1000 meter row or 850 meter ski
25 thrusters
10 ring muscle ups

timecap: 15 minutes

We start in 2 groups:

Group A starts at 0:00
Group B starts at 5:00

Group B does 5 thrusters EMOM every minute until start!
Group A does a 25 thruster cashout after finishing!

Scaled version:

Ring muscle ups:
#1: ring m.u. assisted (seated with rubber band)
#2: negative ring m.u.
#3: 10 negative pullups + 10 pushups

Scale thruster weight as needed.
If scaled use a weight that will allow you 10-15 reps in your first set!

8 p.m. weightlifting

- Warmup + Hantelgymnastik  (20 min)
 - Clean & Jerk: 3 2 1 reps


A:  Warm Up + Mobility

5MIN FLOW (30sec each Movement)

A1: Mobility:

  • Shoulder
  • Back Spine
  • Hip
B:  Movement Prep.
  • medball warm up (team of two)
  • medball clean
  • wallballs
C:  WOD 1:
AMRAP (15min)
20 cal row/ski/bike
15 medball squat clean & wall ball (9/7kg)
10 Box Jump Overs (60/50cm)
Rest 5min between C and D
D: WOD 2 "18.0" - Announced at the presentation of the nano 8 at london 

Some new movement standards :) - we will see whats happening!


6 minutes tests and intervall saturday

A) 6 minute goblet squat test (incl. bar hang and plank mods)

B) 6 minute KB swing and OH hold (incl. bar hang and plank mods)

C) EMOM 24 minutes
even 1) 10 burpees
odd 2) 5 man maker each hand
even 2) 10 pull ups / jumping pull ups / 5 negative pull ups
odd 2) 5 KB snatches each hand
every third minute full minute of DUs


A: Trainers warmup


-general warmup
-skill work medball clean
-skill work double unders

B: 20 min amrap of:

20 medball cleans (9/7kg)
60 double unders

Scaled version #1:

20 medball cleans (scale weight as needed)
30 double unders

Scaled version #2:

20 medball cleans (scale weight as needed)
30 single unders + 1 double under attempt
30 "hip-doulbe-clap" jumps